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Scott’s Top 10 of 2013

Another year, another list.  While last year was a bit of a cold fart for music, 2013 proved to be a cornucopia of great albums ranging from surprising débuts to some of the best comeback albums in recent memory.  They [...]

January 2, 2014 Articles, Features

Caught Up In Your Love Affair

Let’s talk about pop music. Top 40 hits are rarely our focus here at Type In Stereo, and yet sometimes a song will come under the inscrutable magnifying glass of the public eye that is just too compelling for us [...]

October 11, 2013 Articles
Mind Eraser

The Memory Eraser Debate: A Type In Stereo Roundtable

Perhaps it’s in the form of a pill or maybe it’s a more complicated, Matrix-style computer/brain interface. In the end, it doesn’t matter how the device is manifested, the important part is whether or not you accept. The offer? By [...]

October 9, 2013 Articles, Features

The Lyricist: One Foot

Music is important. This much we can all agree upon. But lyrics? That tends to be a matter of great debate. Staff writer Brennan is here to argue that lyrics can and should be valuable to all appreciators of music, [...]

October 1, 2013 Articles
dear hunter

The Dear Hunter @ The Crofoot Ballroom – September 12th, 2013

Less than a week prior, I attended O’Brother’s excellent show at The Pike Room – the bar on the upper level of The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan. It was a fantastic show brimming with the raw grit of a [...]

September 16, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews

O’Brother @ The Pike Room – September 7th, 2013

Almost a year ago, I picked up tickets to see Circa Survive play at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan with the outstanding opening line-up of Touche Amore, Balance and Composure, and O’Brother. I have been madly in love with [...]

September 9, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews
lion of tallasi

The Lion of Tallasi – God, Love, and Death

I know, I know, I know – it’s been a long time. I’m sorry. I’m getting married in, oh fuck, like ten days. Do you have any idea how busy I am? Do you know how many hours I have [...]

July 30, 2013 Articles
lion and wolf

The Lyricist: The Lion and the Wolf

Music is important. This much we can all agree upon. But lyrics? That tends to be a matter of great debate. Staff writer Brennan is here to argue that lyrics can and should be valuable to all appreciators of music, [...]

July 2, 2013 Articles, Features
Brave Bird Maybe You LP

Brave Bird – Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

Brave Bird’s album Maybe You, No One Else Worth It (Count Your Lucky Stars Records)  is a tough sell in a world of 30 second previews. Today a band needs to hook you in that half-minute or less if their tunes [...]

May 28, 2013 Articles, New Album Reviews

The 10 Worst People At Any Concert

Live music has an amazing power to bond and unite mankind. Accordingly, concerts are a place where you can not only hear your favorite band but also fraternize with your fellow fans, bonding over a shared love of…aw, shit. Who [...]

May 23, 2013 Articles, Features

In Defence Of: Mumford & Sons

For those of you that don’t know, my occupation is not Warden of Awesomeness. I do not, in fact, get paid to simply be astonishingly attractive and charming (mostly because I am none of those things). Neither am I paid [...]

May 13, 2013 Articles, Features
Senses Fail Live

Senses Fail, Such Gold @ The Roseland Theater 4/24/13

It was unseasonably warm as I walked to the Hawthorne Theater, and while this produced a surreal enjoyment outside, it created a sweltering sauna inside. And this being only 80° and mid spring; I can only imagine what it will be like [...]

May 9, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews
concert crowd

A Weekend in Jersey

In the game room of a bar in north Jersey, I watched as three people casually discussed the merits of astrology on a couch in the corner, four friends exchanged playful barbs and wagers as they undertook an epic game [...]

April 29, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews
Alt J

Show Review: ∆ (Alt-J) @ The Roseland Theater 4/8/13

Well, the summer concert touring season is starting to pick up in the Pacific North West, and things are grand. Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the sold out Alt-J show at Portland mainstay, the Roseland Theater. This venue [...]

April 23, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews

Weezer: What Went Wrong? Part III – The Island in the Sun

Well boys and girls, it’s that time again. It’s that magical time of year when the faithful readers of Type In Stereo gather around their Uncle Chris and listen to him ramble on about how it was once possible to [...]

April 11, 2013 Articles, Features

Senses Fail – Renacer

Last year, right around the time they were gearing up for Warped Tour, Senses Fail released four new songs as an EP of sorts, that was bundled with their greatest hits (thus far) album, Follow Your Bliss. These tracks proved to [...]

April 9, 2013 Album Reviews, Articles, New Album Reviews

Show Review – Phoenix @ The Crystal Ballroom 3/30/13

I was more than a tad excited when I saw that Phoenix was not only coming through Portland, but that they would be playing a relatively small venue, the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom. It’s a venue I have always wanted to visit, [...]

April 5, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews

Silverstein – This is How the Wind Shifts

Quick, think of Silverstein. Did you throw up in your mouth a little? I used to be in exactly the same place, but hear me out – they actually don’t suck all the time. No really, just read this. It’s [...]

March 25, 2013 Album Reviews, Articles, New Album Reviews

Awful “Art” – Creed – ‘One Last Breath’ Video

One of the hardest things to do on this site is pick what “Art” from Creed would be the most fun to dissect. You may be saying, “C’mon guys, this is like taking pot shots at the disabled. It’s been [...]

March 19, 2013 Articles, Features

Show Review – Caspian @The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR

It was a cold and rainy night in Portland… It was a typical night in Portland, as staff writer Gally and I scarfed down some slices of pizza at Sizzle Pie before walking up to the Doug Fir Lounge on [...]

March 17, 2013 Articles, Show Reviews