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Name: Casey

Location: Portland OR, recently of London UK, and Orange County.

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Books

Favorite shows attended: Smashing Pumpkins ’96, The Receiving End of Sirens ’07, Foo Fighters ’96, Jimmy Eat World: Clarity tour ’09, Poison the Well ’03, and Every Time I Die ’07, Cave In/Botch ‘98.

Hipster Credentials: Worked at Greene records in Orange County. I saw the Delta Spirit play a living room show way before they were big. I own Get Up Kids test presses.


Name: Scott

Location: Austin, TX

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Television/Netflix

Favorite Shows Attended: Boysetsfire/Thrice ’99, Death By Stereo ’01, Bad Religion/Guttermouth/Ignite ’00, Thrice ’07, Chuck Ragan/Tom Gabel/Tim Barry ’08, The Living End ’98, Strung Out ’99, NOFX ’12.

Hipster Credentials: Discovered Thrice before they were signed to a label.  Owned a record player and vinyl back in the 90′s, witnessed NOFX play ‘The Decline’ live in its entirety,  been known to wear a cardigan or two.


Name: Brennan

Location: Metro Detroit

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Books

Favorite Shows Attended: Peter Gabriel ’02, The Receiving End of Sirens/Gatsbys American Dream ’05, Ben Folds ’01, The Receiving End of Sirens/Acceptance/Cartel/Paramore ’05, Forgive Durden (Farewell Show in Seattle) ’10, Sigur Ros ’05, The Mars Volta ’05

Hipster Credentials: Played a basement show with Chiodos back when they were still called The Chiodos Bros. Sang in a band with a guy whose current band you are probably really into right now.


Name: Chris

Location: London, UK by way of Toronto, Ontario.

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Books

Favorite shows attended: Brand New ’09, Thursday/Circa Survive ’06, Foo Fighters ’05, Thrice/Underoath/The Bled ’05, Muse ’07.

Hipster Credentials: Was splooged on by George Pettit’s water bottle after an in-show high-five. Shook the hand of the mighty Dave Grohl.



Name: Gally

Location: Portland, OR…We don’t all act like we were cast for ‘Portlandia’

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Computer based graphic arts

Favorite Shows Attended: Bad Religion ’96, Suicide Machines ’95, Jimmy Eat World ’00, Strung Out ’98, Shai Hulud/Zao/Underoath ’03, Radiohead/Beta Band ’01, Hopesfall ’02, Sigur Ros ’05, Dredg ’08

Hipster Credentials: I have the original Thrice ‘First Impressions’ E.P. and bought it when it was their only recording. I saw Michael Jackson on the original ‘Bad’ tour as a kid down in Los Angeles. I shopped at Greene records…probably bought a ton of stuff from Casey.


Name: Matt

Location: Detroit, MI

Favorite Non-Musical Media: Men’s Health Magazine

Favorite Shows Attended: Jimmy Eat World ’10, As I Lay Dying/Underoath ’10, Coldplay ’09, The Receiving End of Sirens/Hopesfall ’07, Every Time I Die/The Bled/August Burns Red ’07, Metallica ’97

Hipster Credentials:  Known tendency to sip whiskey “neat”, and at will.  Band of Horses fan.  Made eye contact w/ Kirk Hammett, once.  I own a $400 iron clock that doesn’t actually tell time, it’s just a fancy wall piece.  Boat shoes.


  Name: Holden

 Location: Madrid…Spain not New Mexico

 Favorite Non-Musical Media: Film, actually every movie i’ve ever seen except Fern Gully: Save the Last Rain Forest and Aliens Vs. Predator.

 Favorite Shows Attended: Roger Waters at MGM Grand ’08, Tool at Red Rocks ’10 and Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge ’11.

Hipster Credentials:  I once met Burt McCracken of The Used in court. We both got off with warnings.

Name: Joe

Location: Kauai

Favorite Non-Musical Media: um, Game of Thrones is amazing.

Favorite Shows Attended:  every Sunny Day Real Estate show from ’97 – ’99, At The Drive In ’98 at the Troubadour, Jimmy Eat   World ’98 at Chain Reaction, Radiohead ’00 at the Hollywood Bowl, Sigur Ros ’05 at Hawaii Theatre

Hipster Credentials:  introduced my entire college peer group to SDRE, shopped at Vinyl Solution more than once, wore v-neck cardigan sweaters from Salvation Army way back in 1997. Oh, and I went to school with David Bazan’s sister. No big.

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  1. Aaron Barber 05/12/2012 at 7:51 AM

    He Casey, its aaron barber from SoCal. I went to Vangaurd with you and was on the 3rd floor in the towers. I also played guitar in the band Manchester. Anyway, I don’t know if you remember me, but i was checking out a website for a band i just recently discovered (and love): gates. They said they had just done an interview with this blog site, and come to find out they were interviewed by you. Anyway, just thought I would say Hi a see how things are. How did you end up in London? Did you go to Eddie’s memorial in San Diego, I must have missed you, there was a lot of people there. I still have a 3 for Flinching CD in my collection at home. Anyway, email me sometime if you get a chance.

    Aaron Barber

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